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How to Play 66?


Spice up any special occasion by inviting everyone to join in on the fun! With its compact box, it's a great go-to icebreaker for nights out with friends, drinking sessions, picnics, long flights, or simply when you're at home.

It's also ideal for multiple players that you've already known for a while like good friends, couples, family members, or even new people. Allow yourselves to have fun while the game sparks openness, quirkiness, intimacy, and ultimately - connection.

Players: 2-66

Age: 16+


Find out how deep your connection is, and empower it along with your communication and intimacy. The game injects a fun, playful and cozy vibe, where every question is a thriller.

Good Friends

The game strengthens your bond and brings a refreshing twist to hangouts with friends. Time to have fun, let loose and get to know ‘em deeper.

Family Members

The game inspires a light-hearted, genuine conversation with your entire family. Have some quality time together and discover how well you really know each other.


Even if you’ve just met, playing 66 encourages you to find your inner creativity and intuition. Get a glimpse of the first impression you leave in any social event.



  Shuffle the cards. Draw a card when it's your turn, read the question out loud and let all other players answer the question about you. If you're not sure how to answer, just guess - or make something up!

Question Card

All other players answer the question about you

Twist Card

Draw another card and twist it


Up to 6 Players

Shuffle, put the cards on the table, and start playin’.

6 Players and Up

Split into pairs. In every round, each one answers the question separately. Both members got the same answer? Pair wins a point.

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