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When it comes to keeping a marriage happy and healthy, great communication is essential. When life gets busy and daily responsibilities become overwhelming, it’s all too easy for our relationships to fall quietly to the bottom of the priority list. We tell ourselves we will find the time to talk, but how often does this actually happen? To stay connected, quality time is key.

Thankfully, there are a number of accessible and achievable ways to repair any disruption to your marital connection. Build your marriage back to a healthy and happy place by introducing some positive practices to your shared time together as a couple. You will both feel romantically revitalized in next to no time! Here are 5 easy ways to improve the health of your relationship, starting today:

1. Ditch the digital devices. There is nothing more off-putting during a conversation than for the other person to glance down at a smartphone notification. As the glare of the screen lights up their face, the conversation is halted dead in it’s tracks. Free yourselves from the toxic distraction of technology to focus fully upon one another.

2. Find fun ways to reconnect. Rediscovering your partner through humor is a powerful way to bond, no matter how long you’ve been together. Try out a fun card game such as ’66 uncover to discover’. This particular pack offers couples the chance to get to know their partner using fresh conversation starters while having a crucial laugh along the way!

3. Schedule plenty of quality time. Assuming time for one another will naturally appear within your routine is a quick route to failure. Catching up while rushing out the door each morning just isn’t going to cut it. For this to work, you’re going to need to plan slots of time. Sit down and work out some specific hours of time each week to be together undisturbed.

4. Resist the urge to interrupt. Swap out the negative behavior of reactivity for a more positive practice of conscious response. Drop the urge to jump in with your own thoughts and ideas before your partner has finished speaking. You might be surprised at what you might learn when you hold your peace just that little bit little longer.

5. Team up for an activity. Making time to talk shouldn’t feel like a chore. Take up a new hobby together such as hiking, playing golf, gaming or anything else that takes your shared fancy. You’ll immediately have something new in common

to share. It could also help you both to feel more relaxed to raise more difficult issues as a couple.

Marriage is an ongoing process of discovery and adjustment. Don’t hurry towards a perceived finish line of perfection. Doing so will only lead to frustration and further disconnect between you and your partner. Instead, focus on enjoying plenty of fun together while creating plenty of opportunities to communicate regularly. Laughter is the empowering tool you need to succeed!

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